One of These 13 Best Comforters Is the Secret to the Best Night’s Sleep of Your Life

Hotel bed, who?

Hot girl walks offer mood-boosting benefits on their own, but one of the best things about them is just how much better they can become with a few easy upgrades. Pop on a cute workout set, blast the new Ariana Grande album through your headphones, grab an iced coffee, and accessorize with some famous-feeling sunnies (and, if you can, a cute dog), and those 10,000 steps that would normally make you feel good will suddenly leave you feeling better than ever.

… Now, imagine all that, plus a full-body lymphatic drainage massage.

That’s what you get with Elastique’s L’Original Full Leggings ($197), which have taken my daily hot girl walks to the next level. Thanks to the lymphatic drainage beads woven into the inside of the leggings, it feels like I’m getting a micro-massage with every step. Find my full review below.

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