What Is Brow Lamination? Your Expert-Approved Guide to the Popular Service

For fuller, fluffier brows.

A few months ago, I entered motherhood—and with it, a world of sweet snuggles, so much gratitude… and absolutely zero time for myself. In other words, since welcoming my little one, I’ve resigned to the fact that I’m not exactly in my “put-together” era.

Whether you’re a mom yourself or just an overzealous scheduler, chances are you’ve felt the no-time tension before. For me, it looks like this: I’m more desperate than ever to start meditating, or to linger in the shower for an extra minute, or to replace my spit-up-splattered hoodie with a real outfit—and yet investing in myself feels like the last thing I should be spending time on right now.

But wait—my tangled topknot and stained sweatpants keep saying—you don’t need to carve out hours to give yourself some love. It takes less than 10 minutes to trade spread-too-thin for an I-got-dressed-today mood boost.

I admit, I’m usually one to ignore this kind of inner nagging. But after months of feeling disheveled, I finally decided to listen to it—and the dozens of recommendations I’ve gotten from friends and fellow moms—and invest in the internet-beloved Dyson Airwrap. TL;DR: I’ve powered it up a handful of times now, and I must confess that the hype is very, very real.

Snag it now—yes, just in time for Mother’s Day—and let the inner satisfaction of a seriously good hair day power you through your to-dos. That feeling’s worth every penny.

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