Do You Fear Sleep? Here’s How To Manage the Anxiety-Provoking Symptoms of Somniphobia

Plus, why you might get so scared of falling or being asleep in the first place.

When that midday energy slump creeps up, many of us stop what we’re doing to head to the nearest coffee shop for an afternoon pick-me-up. And while coffee certainly gives us the quick jolt we need to finish out the day, it can come with less-than-ideal side effects. Be it crashing a few hours later, feeling anxious or jittery, or battling insomnia symptoms when bedtime rolls around, the side effects from caffeinated drinks like coffee are the real deal. No thanks!

Thankfully, there are so many other coffee-free options to choose from when you need an extra burst of energy. Several brands offer drinks that give you a gentle yet effective energy boost *and* encourage overall health and wellness. The best part? No crash, jitters, or insomnia—imagine that! Keep scrolling to shop some of our favorites.

6 drinks that will give you an energy boost, sans coffee

Liquid I.V., Lemon Ginger Energy Multiplier — $25.00

Key ingredients: matcha, B vitamins, L-theanine

While Liquid I.V. products have supported hydration for years, its Energy Multiplier line is here to offer an additional surge of energy when you need it most. This is thanks to a delicious blend of matcha green tea, B vitamins, and amino acid L-theanine; the antioxidant-rich matcha offers caffeine levels rivaling a cup of coffee (without the crash), while the added B vitamins and L-theanine help you naturally feel more energized and focused.

This product also uses Liquid I.V.’s signature Cellular Transport Technology (CTT) to enhance hydration—a major perk as overdoing it with caffeine can have mild diuretic effects. And just like the OG electrolytes, it comes in the tastiest flavors; if the tangy Lemon Ginger flavor doesn’t suit your fancy, try Mango Tamarind or Yuzu Pineapple instead.


  • Contains added B vitamins and L-theanine
  • Offers an antioxidant boost from matcha green tea
  • Enhances hydration through Liquid I.V.’s Cellular Transport Technology
  • Wide variety of flavors available 
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