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Here are my honest thoughts.

Entering the world of motherhood is a beautiful journey filled with joy, love, and—let’s be real—a few challenges along the way. Among these challenges is finding comfortable and supportive clothing, especially in the postpartum phase. At a time when your body might not feel like it belongs to you anymore, the best postpartum leggings or yoga pants can give you a much-needed boost, offering support where you want it without feeling constrictive.

“Your organs spent almost an entire year shifting, and [they’re] going to have to continue shifting back for six to nine months after you’ve had your baby,” says Athena Gabriella Guice, a full-spectrum doula who runs Hija Del Sol Birth Services in Florida.

That’s why cultures around the world use various forms of belly-binding or compression during the postpartum period. “When a person has just given birth, it’s not just the birth of a child, but that mother is also reborn,” says Guice. “She needs something that is tight, that is snug, that also helps her nervous system, and her sense of security.” Postpartum leggings can offer all of that in a trendy, comfortable way. And even if you’re already a few weeks or months into postpartum life, you can still benefit. As Guice says, “It’s never too late to invest in postpartum healing tools or support.”

The best postpartum leggings at a glance:

What to look for

What you wear after having a baby can affect not only how you feel, but how you heal, too. Remember, a postpartum body is one that’s in transition. Not only are your organs shifting yet again, but your blood volume increased by approximately 45 percent during pregnancy. While you lose some of that in labor, you’re likely still very swollen after giving birth. Many pregnant bellies also experience separation of the abdominal wall, which is known as diastasis recti. For all these reasons, Guice suggests looking for postpartum leggings that offer a little compressive pressure and support around the abdomen without squeezing uncomfortably.

This compression can also be helpful emotionally. Guice points out that we go from having very tight skin in the third trimester, to very loose skin afterward. “Emotionally, that does some

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