Blogging to the bank in 57 minutes!

A blog is a powerful tool when you know how to use it.

A well planned and thought-out blog can become a long-term traffic-generating and income-producing asset that will work for you for years… not matter how the search engine algorithm changes!

If you want to know the secrets to building such a blog, then check out Blog Authority below…

Not sure if blogging is for you?…Here’s 7 good reasons why you might want to reconsider…

1. Visitors will actually stay on your website longer read your articles, watch your videos, download your content, and keep coming back for more!
In fact loyal readers will stop using the search engine to find your blog and will actually start typing in your domain name.

2. The search engines will love you!Your visitors behaviour on your website will be tracked by the search engines.
The longer they stay and navigate through your pages, the more valueable your website will be seen. This leads to more pages indexed, and higher
rankings, which only gives you more organic SEO traffic!

3. You will have the power to influence the marketplace. Imagine getting one thousand, even tens of thousands of visitors coming to your site every day.
What impact to you do think that has on the marketplace when you share your honest opinion about a product and recommend (or not recommend) it?

4. You’ll get product vendors begging you for ad space. High rankings and tons of traffic in a buyer-hungry niche means profit. And who else better to
contact you than product vendors! Now not only do you get to sell your own products and recommendations but product owners will happily pay you a
monthly fee to place their ad on your blog! Talk about building virtual real estate!

5. You’ll build a massive mailing list! Imagine having people type specific keywords in the search engines to find your website. They land on a page which brings an article to their attention.
Towards the end of the article you ask them to sign up in order to get more information. Alternatively, think about offering a freebie in your sidebar, or placing a pop-up to join your newsletter.
Can you think of a more effortless way to build your list?

6. Your ad revenue will skyrocket! Don’t want to build a list, or sell your own products? Why not just place contextual ads on your blog and
generate revenue from the clicks?
With an authority blog that receives 100s, if not 1000s of visitors a day, it’s almost impossible for you to not trip into profit!

7. You’ll build a long term traffic-generating income-producing asset! Just think you are putting your efforts into one on-going project that
delivers tremendous value.
You’re not doing any black hat tricks so you don’t risk getting your website banned.
You’re not hard-selling at every opportunity so first-time visitors can actually trust your content and because of the sheer amout of content and
pages, you can expect almost 100% of your website to be indexed and favoured by the search engines. This means traffic for life.

If you want to know the secrets to building such a blog, then check out Blog Authority below…

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