The TOP All Time Traffic Scams

If you ever wanted to be a hamster on a wheel then feel free to join one of the many traffic exchanges that exist online.

What amazes me is that many people still love traffic exchanges despite the fact that very little of their traffic ever convert into anything of value.

Exchanges look flashy and colorful and it always appears like there is a whole lot going on from a marketing perspective that can benefit you.

I have seen people devoting hours each day “clicking” like mad to earn credits and what is equally ridiculous about this is that on the other side of the computer are equally desperate marketers clicking as fast as they can to do the same.

Many of the top exchanges even have incorporated a social aspect and other related MLM-like services to keep you interested and yes, clicking like crazy; OR investing your money to sell your site views to others who are frantically clicking.

The problem is, NOBODY is actually LOOKING at anyone else’s offers and the truth is these services are only great if you OWN the traffic exchange.

While traffic exchanges can and do send traffic to your site(s) most people discredit the psychology behind what makes traffic exchanges tick.

People believe that they are getting good quality traffic and earning visits by clicking and visiting other sites, yet most people are clicking like mad and never STOP looking or engaging ANY of the ads/sites that are displayed because there is no incentive to do so!

The few marketers that understand this make sure their site IMMEDIATELY GRABS the attention of visitors because you have just a few seconds to say something that will break the “clicking trance” most people are under.

Traffic exchanges work well by taking advantage of newbies. They are duped into buying traffic, signing up for lots of offers and eventually, they come to the realization that NOBODY CARES about their site(s)!


People will leave as soon as the timer allows them to (clicks are timer driven so you must stay on the current site for at least a few seconds, but the name of the game is to rack up lots of credits, so that is what people do).

If you doubt this give it a try and look at your logs for traffic stats and see how long the typical visitor from a traffic exchange stays on your site.

I guarantee you, 99% of the time; it’s no longer than the timer on the exchange.

Anyone who has been on a traffic exchange for any length of time eventually figures out that this kind of traffic usually does not work to convert buyers, at least not directly. Most marketers use splash or squeeze pages and offer something to try to entice people to opt-in to their offer.

Where is the REAL gold? Additional TRAFFIC offers! Think about it. Why are people on the exchange in the first place? They want traffic to their sites. So what is a good way to work the traffic sites? Make a page that promotes the exchanges with your referral ID. Here is a good example of leveraging multiple sites and rankings (cleverly disguised) this has referral IDs in each of the major traffic exchanges in it.

Since most people in a traffic exchange are curious about other ones, this works well to drive sign-ups and eventually make you more money and more traffic credits. You can run this page on multiple sites as well and benefit from the people looking for more traffic exchanges:

Bottom Line?

If you love traffic exchanges then find a way to sell traffic, refer other exchanges or just buy your own traffic exchange.

At least you will have a captive audience to market your clicks and other related offers to. This is the real and only reason traffic exchanges exist regardless of the crap you are told.

Don’t be a victim in this game, make sure you get the right knowledge from the start…

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