16 Steps to Build Your First Sales Funnel in 47 minutes!

Building and running an online business can be confusing…

You have to create products, create upsells, track conversions, build a customer base, attract prospects,

create and distribute content to get traffic, and manage your paid ads just to name a few.

Then you still have to consider what emails to send out, what’s the best product to sell to your new customers,

what’s the best upsell, what’s the best high-ticket offer, how to price everything, when to present these

offers… amongst many other things.

It can get very confusing… and even when you do experience some success, you still have to put aside the hype of making a few sales and really question if what you doing can be done better… and in most cases, it can!

Experienced marketers realize that there is only one way to organize all this chaos… and that’s with a sales



When you sell a variety of products consistently, know what products work well as upsells, how to attract

affiliates, what content generates the most traffic, what emails get you the highest clicks, not to mention what software and scripts work best… then you start to streamline everything.

You simply stop doing the things that don’t work and start doing more of what does. This led to the conclusion of the sales funnel.

If you find yourself doing many seemingly related tasks in your business but are not getting anywhere,

struggle to focus on completing one project, or just feel like you can squeeze more profit from your existing websites, or just haven’t fully grasped the concept of a sales funnel then this is for you…


To Your Success!



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