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Video Marketing 2020:
Learn the latest YouTube Trends and Video Marketing trends.
Do you know that video channels, they have updated their algorithm recently. In that context, do you know how to increase the views and subscribers of your channel. In this video, I will tell you how to do video marketing in 2020.
Hey, I am Seema Gupta, professor of digital marketing at IIM Bangalore. So, what is the algorithm for Recommendation of YouTube. Why we are talking about recommendation? Actually, it is the most important thing to increase your views and followers. If you can be recommended or suggested by YouTube alongside on the right hand side, that will skyrocket your views and followers on YouTube.
Number 1 thing that happens is Impressions. So, your video is shown but out of those videos, only small number of views happen because a small percentage only will see and out of the people who view, only a small percentage actually engage. So they do a thumbs up or down or comment and so on. So, the real challenge is to increase the watch time, so that people engage more, they spend more time and if they spend more time, there is a good correlation that people will like, comment and share. So, basically the algorithm for YouTube marketing is based on Deep learning neural network and it takes into consideration many things like how much time you spent on the video, so what is the video watch time. Whether user is clicked on the video or not. Whether user is watching playlist. What other videos the user has watched previously. Other videos in the same domain that the user has watched. Did the user watch your any other video?

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So, there are many things which go into the algorithm for determining recommendation engine for YouTube. Most important point is maximizing the view duration. We can take an example of this channel, Primitive Technology, it’s very interesting because the person is going into wilderness and is uploading videos about building stuff without tools. Now, that’s so interesting. He posts only one video per month but the engagement rates of the video are so high despite having zero narration. People wait for long period of time, for a month for new video to be released and once it shows up in the recommendation, everybody invariably clicks and sees the video. Another important thing is to maximize the click through rate. So, your thumbnails and your title plays a very important role in increasing your CTR. So, if people are seeing an impression of your video but if they are not clicking then it’s an lost impression, it’s a lost view. So we have to make sure that we are maximizing the CTR. Have an attractive thumbnail. Let’s take another example of BCC trolling channel. They basically make fortnightly short videos which are edited from the popular streaming videos and these are very funny videos. They have cracked the YouTube algorithm because they have got 7 million subscribers and the watch time is very high. They make very attractive thumbnails as you can see they are very bright and very colourful. They put the main part of the video in the middle so that people watch the video for a longer period of time. So, these strategies are very helpful. Now what title you are using in the video that also makes a lot of difference. These are some tips and tricks that I will give you to make your headline more powerful. Incorporate benefits in the title, not features. Use word like new, different, unique. Talk to people by using the word “you”. Build your authority, showcase drop names, use their authority. Use numbers, statistics, percentages. Use time. Evoke emotions. Use hot topics, something which is trending and use words like “ease”. Nobody wants to look at a video which is talking about a very difficult thing. So, your video should make life easy for people. Give promise of success, how your video will transform lives of people and give social proof that how many people have already liked, commented and so on. It’s very important for your title to be unique. Let’s take an example, how we can convert a mundane headline into a more attractive headline which will attract higher CTR. Let’s say the old headline was “Watch my cooking video”, better headline will be “See the hottest chocolate dish of 2020”, “Chocolate spaghetti with mousse” but even better headline will be “Hottest chocolate dish of 2020”, “chocolate spaghetti with mousse in 5 minutes, recipe by Sachin Tendulkar”.

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