The Importance Of Video In Marketing | Using Video Marketing Strategy In Your Crowdfunding Campaign

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In this interview with Derral Eves, the brains behind the Squatty Potty, we discuss video marketing strategy and the importance of video in marketing. Although the Squatty Potty isn’t a Kickstarter video, it is an incredibly effective video that has helped garner billions of dollars in sales. By implementing some of the advice given by Derral in your own Kickstarter videos, you can boost your sales and improve the success of your campaign.

As a video marketing strategist, Derral works with brands to help them create awesome videos that convert to sales. When crowdfunding, the person who comes to your page is going to be primarily making their decision to purchase based on your video. This is why creating a video that converts is so crucial.

Early on, Derral saw the importance of video in marketing and has since used it to help countless brands expand their reach online. So what are the elements of an effective video marketing strategy?

Well, credibility is a huge factor in converting leads to sales. One big mistake that Derral sees marketers making is creating videos that take the viewer to a landing page in the hopes that they will then make a purchase. However, Derral advises making videos that aim to simply educate the viewer so that when they are eventually in a position to buy, they will be much more likely to do so.

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Besides educating viewers, getting product reviews on Amazon is another great way to boost credibility and thereby increase your rate of conversions.

By making credibility a key factor in your video marketing strategy, you’ll be able to create content that translates into a high rate of sales. Once you embrace the importance of video in marketing, your Kickstarter campaign will be much stronger.

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