Are you ready to be truly terrified? I’ve scoured the internet to find the most spine-chilling, hair-raising, and downright scary videos out there and analyzed them. Seriously, these are the kind of videos that will make you want to sleep with the lights on for weeks! Here are 15 scary videos that are next-level creepy!

If you’re the type to get scared out of your mind by even the mere mention of the word “ghost”, then these scary videos are not for you. Each video in this list of creepy videos is guaranteed to leave you trembling in fear, wondering what lurks in the shadows of the night. From ghostly apparitions to strange occurrences caught on camera, these videos will keep you up all night, watching your every move.

So whether you like being freaked out of your wits or just want to test your mettle, you are at the right place! However, before you click play, note that after watching this list of creepy videos, your psyche may not know peace for months to come. Your own home sweet home may start to feel like a hair-raising haunted house as you finish watching this countdown.

Every one of us has spent countless hours browsing through YouTube’s recommended videos. As it happens, the platform is also a vast repository of some of the most frightening and spine-chilling videos ever uploaded to the internet. But there’s a catch. Most of the creepy videos you will find here are just silly jumpscare attempts. They are no more frightening than someone wearing a sloppily draped bedsheet, screaming “boo” as you walk past them around a corner. In short, most scary videos on YouTube merely have meaningless frights to offer. But in this list of creepy videos, I’ve made sure to analyze only the entries that will simply chill you to the core!

These scary videos will wreak havoc on your psyche, make your heart race, and make you feel like your home is a hotbed for paranormal activity. When something eerie defies any explanation science or logic has to offer, it instantly becomes a whole more chilling — and that’s what the creepy videos in this countdown are all about!

So there you have it, a scary comp with 15 videos that are next-level creepy! Once you watch them, you may never be the same again. You’ll question every noise, every shadow, every bump in the night! Be sure to keep the lights on while you watch these scary stories unfold. Everyone enjoys experiencing a good fright — a chilling shiver down their spine, but it’s even more thrilling when the fear stems from real-life horror captured in scary videos. There are a whole lot of true accounts of the sinister and the paranormal captured on tape out there, and in this list, I’ve analyzed only the best of the best. Enjoy!

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Entry Timestamps:
0:00 Number 15
1:11 Number 14
2:22 Number 13
4:01 Number 12
5:43 Number 11
6:45 Number 10
8:57 Number 9
10:31 Number 8
12:21 Number 7
13:49 Number 6
15:18 Number 5
17:11 Number 4
18:27 Number 3
19:33 Number 2
20:27 Number 1

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