This is the video of the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla, on Saturday 6 May.
You can watch the key moments of the day navigating through the chapters in the description below.
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Here are some of the key moments of the day:

00:00 Live stream starts with music at Westminster Abbey
39:38 King Charles III and Queen Camilla leaving Buckingham Palace towards Westminster Abbey
56:26 Prince Harry arriving to Westminster Abbey
01:12:26 King Charles III outside Westminster Abbey
01:13:23 The Prince and Princess of Wales outside Westminster Abbey
01:15:26 Queen Camilla and King Charles III inside Westminster Abbey
01:21:19 Royal family
01:21:56 A view of the crowns
1:22:25 Ceremony starts
2:19:42 The moment King Charles III is crowned
2:28:39 William, Prince of Wales, pledges loyalty to his father as the Coronation nears its end.
2:33:07 The moment Queen Camilla is crowned
3:14:25 End of the ceremony with “God Save the King”, the UK national anthem
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