Official Video for “Satellite” by Harry Styles.
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Written and directed by Aube Perrie
Produced by: Rik Green, Francesco Rizzo & Bryan Younce
Production Company: PULSE FILMS
Executive Producers: Rik Green, Davud Karbassioun, James Sorton, Nnena Nwakodo

Creative Director: Molly Hawkins
Commissioner: Bryan Younce

Production Service: LFR
Executive Producers: Luigi Rossi & Francesco Rizzo
Line Producer: Sarah Park

DOP: Chris Ripley
Robotic Designer: Pascal Molina
Production Designer: Patience Harding
Choreographer: Ryan Heffington
1st AD: Josh Montes

Documentary Narrator: Brian Cox
Skater: Kilian Martin
Kissing Couple: Omar Guillen, Oriana Siphanoum
Catering Manager: Ann Hurd
Security Guard: Shane Kroll
Dancers: Nadine, Liv Mai, Owen Scarlet, Ryan Spencer

Artist Skin: Dotti
Artist Hair: Candice Birns
Artist Stylist: Harry Lambert
Artist Stylist’s Asst: Ryan Wohlgemut

Casting Director: Edward Flores, Courtney Davies at Elevator Casting
Stylist: Lindsey Hartman
Key HMU: Brenna Haukedahl
Location Manager: Vincent Lopez

Production Supervisor: Tori Storosh
Production Coordinator: Emily Diaz, Pia Mileaf-Patel, Eric Behrns
2nd AD: Nathaniel Shriver, Steve Preston
2nd 2nd AD: Matt Kramer
Art Coordinator: Caroline Jackson

Cam Operator: Adam Hull
1st AC: Bradley Wilder
2nd AC: Malina Burdette, Jerry Sun
1st AC B-Cam: Stephen Branagan
DIT: Jake Dugger
Technocrane Op: Clay Planter
Technocrane Tech: Joe Mullins
Matrix Tech: Dustin Evans

RC Camera Car Op: Scott Hughes
Robot Ops: Pascal Molina, Russell Sweet

Gaffer: Mathias Pieralta
BB Electric: Hayden Klemes
Electric: Clay Pacatte, Cameron Smith, Evan Croker, Joe Escandell, Axel Lanzenberg, Gary Soloko
Driver/Swing: Raul Cervantes
Key Grip: Sean Hunt, Nathone Giordano, Matt Planer
BB Grip: Philip Woolridge, Andrew Small
Dolly Grip: Daniel Kusenda
Grip: Nicholas Brazzill, Marcial Gonzalez, Ryan DeMaria, Henry Martinez, Mike Tell
Grip Driver: Steven Miller, Jose Aguilar

Asst. Art Coordinator: Aaliyah Dominguez
Lead person: Emahn X Ray, James Beyer
Set Dresser: Bradford Schroeder, Bennett Beaman, Bradford Schroeder
SFX Lead: Damon Sarafian
SFX Assistant: Timothy Madison
Prop Master: Adam Fisher, Josh Puklavetz

Animal Trainer / Monitor: Lauren Henry, Roland Sonnenburg at Talented Animals

Wardrobe Asst: Kelly Page, Tina Pogosian
HMU Asst: Leigh Mader
Assistant Location Manager: Andrew Duhig
VTR: Oskar Salas, Angel Cifuentes
Sound Recordist: Daniel Molina

Editor: Gwen Ghelid

Online/Grade/ VFX: Electric Theatre Collective
EP: Vic Lovejoy
Producer: Sydney Levy
Colorist: Jason Wallis
2D Supervisors: Stirling Archibald / Sarah Crux / Robin McGloin

Sound Design: Mark Hellaby
Sound House: 750MPH
Producer: Olivia Ray

Film Recording: Cinelab UK
Dailies Producer: Aarti Mahtani
Production Coordinator: Ryan Morris

Special Thanks to
Kia Forum – Mark Wolff, Joseph Philipps
NASA – Bert Ulrich and Allison Tankerlsey
Caesar Palace – Allen Lester, Zane Demarco, Bianca Shaw, Kristen Koss
U.S. National Park Service

You got a new life,
Am I bothering you?,
Do you wanna talk?,

We share the last line,
Then we drink the wall,
Until we wanna talk,

I go round and round,

Spinning out, waiting for you to pull me in,
I can see you’re lonely down there,
Don’t you know that I am right here?,

(Spinning out waiting for you),

I’m in an LA Mood,
I don’t wanna talk to you,
She said “Give me a day or two”,

I go round and round,

Spinning out, waiting for you to pull me in,
I can see you’re lonely down there,
Don’t you know that I am right here?,

Right here,
Right here,
Spinning out, waiting for you,
I’m here,
Right here,
Wishing I could be there for you,

Spinning out, waiting for you to pull me in,
I can see you’re lonely down there,
Don’t you know that I am right here?,

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