the @THEROCKSQUAD is becoming ballerinas who party like rockstars! this trending sound is viral on tiktok and on youtube shorts! @Fayeknightly @nayelilovera and @elliana_walmsley had so much fun dancing together! @peja @rydertullymusic and @JentzenRamirez crash the party! who is excited to see this new video on Friday! @annamcnulty is also in it! this short was so much fun to create, we love making viral shorts and posting on shorts! youtube shorts are so much better than tiktok, you can find trending sounds on tiktok but then post them on youtube shorts. soon tiktok won’t have the trending new music, youtube shorts creators will set the trends for popular songs and popular dances. tiktok dances will be called shorts dances, what other famous youtubers have done this dance ? what other new sounds are trending? so let’s goooo youtube! being a youtube creator is the best! we love you guys so much! thanks for watching so we can keep making more awesome videos for you!!
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did you watch our recent video where Reja competes with Jelliana and @NotEnoughNelsons judges?

or watch, He left us, its sad but also funny! we think you will love it!

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