Are you ready to face your deepest fears and plunge into the abyss of darkness? In the spirit of settling in for a night of frights, I have got something special for you today. Welcome to a world of chills and sheer horror, where the only certainty is the unknown. Here are 15 scary videos scaring everyone in the world, and trust me, they will make your skin crawl and unsettle your heart with shuddering dread! The entries in this chilling list of creepy videos are those that I found in the darkest corners of YouTube and the internet. Enjoy!

From ghostly apparitions in a haunted house to unexplained events and everything in between, this scary comp has it all to leave you quivering with fear. You’ll find that none of the clips in this list of creepy videos appear to be staged — they all appear to be real and raw, capturing the most terrifying moments that have ever been caught on camera! Truth be told, after watching these scary videos, you won’t be able to shake the feeling that someone or something is watching you — and you may very well swear off watching anything to do with horror ever again!

The chills will intensify, and the suspense is going to build to a crescendo as you go through the entries in this list of scary videos. You will be flung into an eerie dimension of darkness, where every sound you hear and shadow you see can be a harbinger of doom. Ready to experience a rollercoaster of emotions, from sheer dread to chilling shudders? Well, before you make up your mind about it, know that your psyche will be haunted by the unsolved mysteries and inexplicable events shown in this collection of creepy videos, and you’ll be getting no shred of sleep for months to come!

These scary videos will put you through what scary really means in the truest sense of the word. Seriously, they will give you something to think about when you’re trying to fall asleep at night; they will make you wonder whether the creaky sound you heard was just the house settling or something prowling in the dark… something strange. No kidding, this list of creepy videos will drag your psyche out of its safe enclosure and drop it into a bottomless pit of creeps and unease!

The entries in this countdown of scary videos will leave you gasping for breath and make you afraid of your own shadow! So, if you dare to watch them, sit tight and brace yourself to be haunted by the most spine-tingling creepy videos you have ever seen. However, before you hit play, be cautious that once you begin watching this scary comp, there’s no turning back. The chills will find you everywhere you go, and may very well push your most deep-seated fears to their absolute limits. So, proceed at your own peril. You have been cautioned!

Done watching? That’s great!
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Entry Timestamps:
0:00 Number 15
1:11 Number 14
2:56 Number 13
4:32 Number 12
9:31 Number 11
15:02 Number 10
16:16 Number 9
18:57 Number 8
23:03 Number 7
26:31 Number 6
29:36 Number 5
32:08 Number 4
34:50 Number 3
36:44 Number 2
39:35 Number 1

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