10 Epic Viral Video Marketing Ads

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10 Epic Viral Video Marketing Ads

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Companies have been creating ads for centuries and Sometimes you just get those ads that get people talking and watching for ages from babies dancing to people with supernatural powers. They have them all. We will uncover the top 10 most epic viral video marketing ads.

Real or fake?

LG had a concept of placing their lifelike LG IPS monitors on elevator floors to confuse people and to make them believe that the elevator floor just dropped. This ad showed the quality of LGs monitors while at the same time giving us a laugh. This ad has accumulated over 22 Million views to date.

RedBull Space Jump

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RedBull created an ad that got many peoples adrenaline rushing. The iconic space jumper Felix Baumgartner took the leap of his life from a Redbull Helium-filled balloon from over 128000 feet height and 39000 meters above the barrier of sound. The video gained over 37 million views to this day.

Test drive

In this Pepsi commercial, Jeff Godern pranked an unsuspecting car salesman by taking him on a test drive that he surely will never forget. Pepsi has been known for their creative ads but this one took the cake with it garnering over 43 million views.

Old Spice

Old spice have also gained a reputation for creating very humorous adverts and this campaign has really catapulted the deodorant brand. The original video set record sales across America and has gathered over 49 million views.

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